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Diverse in design unique in quality feel free to realize your dreams.
As everybody wants to live their individual life, we grant flexibility in any possible way. People are different, rooms are different, furnishings are different. That’s why we produce rugs made to measure the personal needs and whishes of our customers. We satisfy individual demands in shape, color, size and design. For all kinds of taste and for all kinds of rooms and furnishings. Anything goes! We realize rugs fitting your dreams in every detail.


An unlimited range of yarn colours makes possible our equally unlimited variety of carpets – from the cosy adap­tation all-rounder to the exotic oasis of calmness. Choose your favorite color out of 325 different ones.


No question that our whole collection is offered in all standard sizes. With or without fringes, every size up to 8x12 m.


Round square oval – whatever shape you desire.


with uns you can design your rug completely yourself.

Design your own Makalu Carpet here!

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