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Design is the art of
combining aesthetics with functionality.

Painting patterns... Some think this is the profession of a carpet designer. But there is truly more to this. The interaction of idea, material, colour, technique and application must work perfectly to create a visually and qualitatively high-value carpet. Of course creativity has the highest priority, but this is always accompanied by the optimal production and economic factors as well as the observation of social trends.

Under the leadership of chief designer Petra Both, who designed most of the Makalu Collection, created the MAKALU DESIGN TEAM with Antje Reschwamm and Liane Neubert carpet designs at its best. Also individualized customer designs are created by Petra, Liane and Antje exclusively.

from left: Liane Neubert, Petra Both, Antje Reschwamm

Petra Both finished her studies in art education, focusing on sculpture, in 1999 with a master’s degree. After a training course in the field of graphic and DTP, Petra was hired by MAKALU® DESIGN as a designer in 2003. As the head designer, she was soon creating the Nepal and hand tufted collections and she personally monitored the implementation of production in Nepal. In 2006 she won the international CARPET DESIGN AWARD as a finalist and then went to PAULIG with the acquisition of MAKALU® ­DESIGN. With a degree as a media specialist in 2010, she expanded her field of competence and now works for the overall ­aesthetic appearance of the complete PAULIG® Group.
In 2015 Petra was again nominated for the international CARPET DESIGN AWARD with one of her rug designs

Known in the business for many years, you can still find Antje’s carpets from former times on the market. As a matter of fact an award winning Reschwamm design decorated the floor of the German pavilion at the World Fair in Seville. Antje’s feeling for trends and her technical know-how, which enabled her to produce her ideas right after her graduation in her own studio, are the basis for her extraordinary talent to create new carpets with exceptional patterns.

The graduate in textile design Liane Neubert finds inspiration everywhere – in nature, in fashion and art. Liane’s courage to use unusual material blends as well as her keen sense of the interplay of colours, structures and patterns result in carpet designs of the highest designer level. With her excellent craftsman skills and technical knowledge, ­Liane manages to realize even the most unusual wishes.
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